Healthy Hair is Beautiful Hair!

Are you tired of your dull and lifeless tresses that fall flat against your face? Would you like to infuse your hair with vibrancy, an energizing hair color, plump your tresses? You’ve come to the right place!

Our hair defines your personal sense of style. Naturally, our hair sets the tone for the first impression we give off, whether is be walking down the street or into a job interview- we want to look our best. What kind of an impression does your hair give off?

If you’re not proud of your hair, chances are, you need a hair transformation to reclaim your power and revitalize your locks and gain confidence.

You’re not alone, because environmental pollutants, toxins and the harmful UV rays of the sun inflict damage. Then add over processing, chemical hair damage, health issues, medication— the list doesn’t end.  We all need to pamper, nourish and nurture our hair to restore their strength, beauty and health. Healthy hair is beautiful hair!

Change the Way your Hair Looks & Feels

At the Tomy B Salon, we urge you to change the way your hair looks and feels. Our proprietary ingredient will transform your hair, nourishing and restoring it from deep within. Our lipid complex hair treatment will restore the damage, infusing your hair with lasting nourishment that will transform the texture and encourage growth.

You can visibly see and feel the difference of our collagen smoothing hair treatment, and running your hands through your mane will quickly become your favorite sport. We believe in results that are visible from afar, and our transformative hair treatments will make you fall in love with your hair.

Get Creative with Multi-Dimensional Hair Color!

We’re always encouraging fashionistas to get creative and add a multidimensional look to they hair. Many shy away from the thought of exposing their hair to harsh chemicals, ammonia and PPDs. We present a fabulous solution: color your hair without the harmful toxins.

Now, you can enjoy highlights without dipping your strands in bleach. Our colors are completely devoid of ammonia, PPDs, and other damaging toxins. You can indulge in a hair color that compliments your complexion, enhances your look and keeps your hair looking and feeling healthy!