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Hair Consultation

Every haircut begins with a complimentary consultation to discuss the look you want and discover the best way to achieve it. Bring in pictures or go with the stylist recommendation, whatever you are most comfortable with.

Curly Haircuts

Curly hair girls rejoice! Finally, a stylist that knows how to enhance your curls. Learn about the best products to style your curly hair and get a cut the makes your curls bounce!

Dry Haircuts

We cut your hair the way you wear it…. dry! Every haircut includes a blowout or diffusing. That’s why we see your hair in three stages, the way you come in, wet and dried and styled.

Fine Hair

Work with a stylist that understands how to give your fine hair volume and density. Learn to style your hair to mask your scalp or any thinning areas. Learn styling tricks and tips and get a haircut that makes your fine hair look its best.

Thicke Hair

Those with thick hair have a daily battle of their own. Consider an undercut that will take out the weight and bulk of your hair without affecting your length. An undercut will literally be weight off your shoulders – its the miracle cut you’ve been looking for.

Hair Extensions

Have a brand new set of hair extensions you need to be blended into your hair. We love cutting and styling hair extensions, they are the worlds best hair accessory.

About Our Haircuts

At Tomy B. Salon, Long Island we specialize in finding the perfect haircut for you. Together we will discuss your lifestyle, daily hair routine and find a maintenance schedule that works for you.  Using your personality and analyzing your face shape, hair texture and hair type we will design the perfect individualized haircut for you. Our haircuts are sure to bring out your best facial features, frame your face and give you the look you want. We offer both men and women’s haircuts for all hair types.

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“Tomy is the only person I will let touch my hair, he understands how my curls work and always gives me a great haircut.”