Long Island Hair Salon – Back to the School Clothes, Styles and Haircuts 2018 

The summer vacations are ending soon and it’s time to be back to routine and it seems to be a bit tedious to prepare the kids again for the upcoming school challenges and tasks. Well! The best solution is to motivate them in a positive way and make them feel like wearing a ‘crown’ once they enter the school. Appearance matters a lot, as it helps in boosting up the confidence and prepares ones’ mind to step out of the crowd and take up the challenges. Therefore, we have enlisted all the best style tips, haircuts, and hair styles suitable for school as they are cool and easy to do.

Hair Styling Ideas for Back to School

Cute Buns:

Buns always look adorable and chic and they are the kind of hairstyle that is easy to do, comfortable to carry and totally chic in looks. Double up the fun with buns by adding ribbon bows to it of the basic colors. You can either part the hair in two and make braids with buns or make a single stylish bun with stunning bow clip over it.

Glittering, Sparkling Clips and Pins:

Nothing can be as gorgeous in looks and easy to do than the sparkling little clips and pins over the hairdo of your ‘princess’. If her hairs are short in style you can simply divide them in little parts that suit to her face type and clip them, or you can make tiny braids while putting little stars over her head.

Chic Milkmaid Braid:

Make her look like a Disney princess by making a crown-like braid over her head. All you need to do is to divide her hair into two equal sections, make braids and join the braids up in the form of a halo. You can complete the look by cute hair accessories over it.

Outfit Ideas for Back to School:

Skirted Dress and legging

Yes! The functionality is very important for kids at school, but their outfit does not have to be boring. Get the cutest skirt dress and pair it with contrasting colored leggings and sneaker.

Clever and Colorful Layering:

Layering is the best idea if you want to make the school kids look fabulous and stylish while being comfortable too. Get a basic black or white T shirt and layer it with a vibrant blazers and coats, team it up with Denim to complete the trendy look.

Popular Haircuts for School kids:

  • The cute and stunning Pixie cut is still hot and happening these days.
  • Sporting Blunt Bangs look adorable over school going kids and they are easy to manage too.
  • Choppy Layers look stylish band elevate almost every face shape.