Are you dreaming of healthy, shiny, strong and amazing hair! It’s the time to turn your dream into reality by getting the Lipid Complex hair treatments from the experts of Tomy B Salon Long Island. You must be wondering what this restorative, anti-ageing hair treatment is and why is it so good for your hair? Here we will give you all the necessary information to make you realize that it is the best thing for your hair improvement and growth that you have been missing.

Lipids are composed of both fatty acids and Amino Acids.

Fatty acids are small enough to fit into the hair membrane softening and moisturizing the hair fiber. When these fatty acids are bonded to Amino Acids, we have a lipid. A superior molecule that will change your hair from the inside out.

What are Amino Acids and Why are they Important for your hair?

Amino Acids are called the building blocks of protein chain in your body and many kinds of amino acids are already produced by your body to continue some of the systems. Other essential kinds of amino acids are supplied to your body through food such as meat, seafood, and nuts etc. The amino acids are essential for the improvement of hair growth, strength, and texture. The fact to remember is the structure of keratin within the hair fiber is made up of amino acids.

How do the amino Acid Treatments Work?

There are multiple benefits of the amino acid hair treatments which other hair treatments do not have. The regular keratin hair treatment can be harmful to you because it contains formaldehyde which is toxic. It gives out such fumes which are extremely harmful to your health and can damage your hair texture in the long run. There is a more natural range of hair treatments which is called amino acids hair treatments.  These natural hair treatments do not have the hair damaging chemicals such as Formaldehyde, Sodium hydroxide, Thio, Lye. Whereas, they contain the keratin, L-Cysteine, Lysine, Arginine, Methionine, and Silicones which have no side effects and work together in making your hair stronger and frizz free.

The amino acid hair treatment is a natural way to improve your hair texture and growth without any harmful effects and even children and pregnant women can have these hair treatments without any fear of harmful effects of the chemicals.

Various hair styling methods and chemical based hair treatments make your hair look dull, rough and unmanageable. In such case, you must try the amino acid hair treatment as it’s the natural way to restore your hair health. It adds extra strength and shines to your hair and reduces the too much frizz and dryness leaving your hair soft and manageable. This treatment lasts until new hair grows out and you won’t find any inherent damage to your scalp and hair.

There is no complicated treatment schedule to Lipid Complex treatments and you can get them in few hours without going through the long and tiring regular keratin treatments. You can see the results right away and they last for 2-6 weeks or more with the proper hair care as long as the new hair follicles grow out.

It’s the best and natural way to heal the damaged broken, over-processed or chemical-prone hair and bring back their natural healthy shining smoothness.