Reasons why Dry Haircuts are better for you

Wet vs. dry haircut is a long-standing debate with proponents of wet haircut saying it is easier and more systematic than cutting dry hair. Most hair stylist cut hair wet, so the customer is used to getting washed and then a haircut with an additional fee for a blow dry after the haircut. However, wet haircut may be easier for a hair stylist to do, you will get a better haircut if the stylist cuts your hair dry.

Hairstylist can see the real shape

One big advantage for the hairstylist when cutting dry hair is that he can see the real shape of the hair. Wet hair is straight and does not show your texture, wave or curl. Wet hair hides not only the texture of your hair but the color as well. Some haircuts work together with hair color, so being able to see the color is vital.  Cutting hair dry eliminates the guesswork involved, you don’t need to wait for a blow dry to see how the haircut will look. There are no surprises in store for the client as she can see how the haircut will look as its being done. 

Friendly for fragile and thin hair

If you already have fragile hair, your hair can be subject to lot of stress if you have a wet haircut. This is because hair becomes straight and hairstylist must repeatedly use a comb when cutting them. In dry haircut, there is very little combing which means that breakage of hair is also minimal.

It is great for curly and wavy hair

It is very difficult for the hairstylist to find the exact position of a curl when the hair is wet. When the hairstylist opts for a dry hair cut, he can see where the curls are, and he can pick and cut wherever he wants. 

Client is in control of the process

With wet hair cut, client has no idea what is being done by the hairstylist. You can’t tell how short your haircut will be once your hair is dry. This also allows the client to be involved in the process. The client can see what is going and explain how they like their hair. Therefore, dry haircut gives a client a better salon experience as he can see how things are going. They get a post salon look right after the haircut rather than having to wait until they have washed and dried their hair the next day.

Tomy B Salon Long Island specializes in dry haircuts. We find it is the best way to get a great cut that will look great after you leave the salon. It takes technique, skill and experience to perfect the dry haircut.