While we love that people are informing themselves about the products they use, there are tons of trend terms being thrown around for no particular reason.

For example, a friend of mine who is very health conscious tells me that she has “aluminum free” baking soda she just bought at the health food store. I immediately responded with, “I had no idea baking soda had aluminum?!?!”
Well guess what, it does not. I googled away and started reading the ingredients in the usual brands sold at most supermarkets, Arm and Hammer, Trader Joes brand– and I found that putting the term “aluminum free” was just a sales tactic used to get those who were health conscious to purchase their brand. There was never aluminum in baking soda to begin with, but now you have people going around looking for the label “aluminum free”

So back to hair- lately we are hearing so much noise about the use of alcohol in hair products. So here’s the truth!

1. Undrinkable
2. Used as a delivery system for other ingredients
3. It can be used to help dissolve oils and temporarily tighten pores.
4. When added to gel-based products and lotion it makes them less tacky and dry faster.
5. It is added to products to prevent separation.

Can Alchohol be good for the hair?

The answer is YES!

There are several forms of alcohol. Some are derived from animals, plants or oils and are used to prevent separation of oils and water in hair products. These alcohols are actually beneficial for you hair adding moisture to the hair and thickness to the product.

Other alcohols have no affect on the hair such as Benzyl alcohol and Propylene Glycol.

Are there any alcohols that are bad for your hair?

There are alcohols that can be used as a drying agent, which for someone with very oily hair this may be beneficial for them, while others with naturally dry hair may want to avoid them. These alcohols that could be considered “bad” are SD Alcohol 40 and Ethanol.

We hope you found this helpful and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Have a question about an ingredient in one of your hair products feel free to ask!