Our Gift Guide For 2020!

Top Holiday Gifts for Women

The Holiday season is just around the corner, and we’re all looking for gifts and trinkets to share with our loved ones. The coronavirus pandemic has deprived us of the hustle and bustle of Halloween shopping and autumn fairs. Luckily, we can turn our attention towards local shops and online boutiques to scoop up the holiday presents we need.

Here, take a look at our picks for the best holiday gifts for women:

Face Mask

Autumn and chilly winds bring dryness spells and numerous other skin qualms. Face masks have become a fashion accesoory, one to match every outfit and every occasion. Silk Face Masks are an excellent gift to pamper your loved one or friend as they serve as a reminder to nurture the skin. Under Armor makes a great mask for runners- breathable and protect you and others around you from germs.

Satin or Silk Pillow Case

There’s nothing more luxurious than the silky softness of a silk pillow case grazing against your skin. Satin exudes the same feather-like softness with a glossy sheen. Women adore home décor and improvement, and a satin pillow case will be the perfect addition to her bedding arrangement. Satin and Silk pillowcases help prevent hair breakage and hair frizz. Help your curls stay intact and help you blow out last longer with silk and satin pillowcases. 

Sanitizer Key Chain

In the wake of the pandemic, we’re all extremely conscious of germs and firmly believe in disinfecting our hands repetitively. At the same time, we often forget carrying a sanitizer in our cars or handbags, which can cause a lot of discomfort and potential contamination. A sanitizer keychain is the perfect gift to send wellness and care to your loved ones. They’ll always be ready to fight off germs and bacteria!

  • Paper Clip Necklace

  • Mask Chains

  • Apple Air Pods

  • Beaded Personalized Bracelets


A vibrant red scarf or an elegant olive-green shade would be the perfect accessory to welcome autumn with a bright outlook. Scarves are an effortless seal of chicness and always a fabulous gift for a style savvy femme.

Bangle Bracelet

Women adore accessories, and a bangle bracelet packs up a delightful dose of ethnic glamour that works well with all outfits.

The pandemic has slowed down the global economy drastically, and its time for us to support local women-owned businesses in the USA. Consumers have the power to regulate wealth and support female entrepreneurs struggling to stay afloat. Shopping local will power the economy and give small businesses and online shops the support they need to maintain operations.

You can truly make a difference by shopping local!