Long Island Hair Salon- Latest Hair Technology Launched for 2019

Your hair can be your best asset.  Shiny, healthy luxurious hair will not only have you looking good but feeling good. While we all want healthy looking hair, we are constantly fighting damage due to stress, pollution, sun exposure, chemical processes, bleach and heat.

In 2019 Tomy B. Salon will be launching a new line of hair products infused with Lipid Complex Technology. The line will include Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling Products and Hair Treatments. Fight dry winter hair with Lipid Complex Technology. Stronger, Healthier, Shinier hair is here!

Why to try the new Line of Products?

The weather has changed and winter is always filled with new set of beauty challenges. The festive days are just around the corner and looking your best is the ultimate challenge for every woman. Looking your best for the holidays isn’t just about finding perfect outfit- its about the complete look from head to toe. You want glowing skin, stunning hair and a killer outfit- the perfect trifecta! Let’s cherish these fun-filled holidays by embracing the brand new hair care regimen of 2019. Check out Long Island’s best hair salon for the ultimate hair transformation.

Latest Lipid Complex Technology:

Many women suffer from excessive hair loss, thinning hair and multiple hair-health issues due to the extreme exposure to the chemicals of hair products, pollution in the environment, general health problems, deficiencies and many more reasons.  Finding a right kind of treatment to improve your hair can be a tricky task.  Long Island Hair Salon has launched the latest lipid complex hair technology to cope with multiple hair related issues and make your hair stronger healthier and shinier. Hair is constructed of protein, mainly combining lipid and melanin. Through chemical hair coloring, chemical hair treatments and toxins we ingest on a daily basis the protein or structure of the hair is broken down. This leaves the hair weak and lack luster. The lipid hair treatment is the combination of fatty acids for nourishment and amino acids for strength. Lipid complex treatment works in restoring the health and vitality of the hair. It’s the newest anti-aging hair treatment for 2019.