Long Island Hair Salon – Best Hair Styles for Halloween Costumes 

Halloween is just around the corner and it is the best time to show up your fashion creativity with style. Getting a Halloween costume can be easy though, as you may find many ideas and ready-to-wear costumes in stores or online. Selecting a suitable Halloween hairstyle may sound like a tedious task. We are here to help you decide the most stunning and awesome Halloween hair style to make you simply head turning on parties.

Neon Hued Hair Look


Neon hues are the trendiest thing this season and you can easily capture the attention by getting neon hued hair. All you need to do is to visit a Halloween store where you would find a vast choice of colors. You can get gel, neon hair paints and apply them with a funky new hair style. They are available in semi permanent form, permanent or removable type. You can select the one according to your hair type and choice. Get the best Halloween hair styles, which are cute and creepy and highlight it with neon colors to stand out of crowd effortlessly.

Firefly lights hair


Firefly lights added to your cutest bun, messy braid or mermaid braid can make you look ethereal being effortlessly while complementing your costume too.  Adding fairy LED lights to your hair can easily uplift your Halloween night party look. All you need is a favorite LED light color, hide its battery inside the braid or bun and blend these lights in the hair to make them glow up like a Disney Princess.

Cat Ear Hairstyle


Nothing is trendiest, cutest and easier than cat ear hairstyle. This kind of hair style can easily complement an all black outfit to create an elegant cat woman look. You can add life to your cat ears in hair by getting trendiest hair dyes or highlights. A careful use of hair accessories and hair sprays can help in creating a perfect bow on the top of your head, but you can make it easier by taking help from expert stylists of Long Island Hair Salon.

Unicorn Hair


The unicorn is famous for its uniqueness and charm and is indeed a perfect choice if you wish to look cutest and charming on the Halloween party. Pairing an adorable unicorn themed outfit with the right kind of accessories can make you look super-stunning, but why just end here! You can opt to get a stupefying unicorn hair do. You can use gel, hair paints and a cone shaped object to achieve this kind of hair style but getting a professional help will give perfection to the look.