Long Island Hair Salon – How to Fix Hair Mistakes Easily?

Looking for a ‘dream-come-true’ hairstyle and can’t get it right?  You must have been looking through pinterest and instagram for for days trying to find hair inspiration. You must understand a fact that hair color or hair cut that is highly fashionable and damn-too-attractive as seen on screen may not turn out to be same in person. Often celebrities and instagram personalities are wearing wigs, using photo filters or their hair is just fried.. (but looks good for a stylized photo)… Apart from that, many hair color and haircut ideas that just won’t work for your face shape, complexion or hair type.  If you go to get a hair color, highlights or hair cut at a salon but it actually turns out to be a bad experience or a heartbreaking mistake, you do not need to worry at all. The good thing is … hair grows! All the hair mistakes/ mishaps or just bad hair jobs can be perfectly fixed here at Long Island hair Salon, while making you look better than before!

Color Correction Services:

If your hair color choice did not turn out to be as you expected it, you might actually feel like crying when you look in the mirror. The ideal solution to this problem is to get the color correction services at right salon that truly understands the chemistry of your hair and can tell you what colors will compliment your complexion and what color are achievable using your natural base color. 

There are common color-corrections the require neutralizing or remove the yellowish or brassy tone off your hair that typically occurs after highlighting or bleaching the hair.  Every hair type is different that is why every hair color dye has a different effect after use. A color expert can better guide you about what you need to make your hair color look natural and healthy.

Our hair color correction experts will take one look at your hair and diagnose what it needs to get back to the color it should be!

Fix Damaged and Over-Processed Hair:

Sometimes excessive chemical treatments can cause hair breakage, over-processed hair can be frial, split and weak. The best option is to avoid unprofessional and excessive use of chemicals to keep your hair healthy, but if your hair gets damaged and over-processed due to a bad salon experience, there is still hope!. Long Island Hair Salon provides professional care to fix hair issue and restore the shine of your hair. We offer several customizable hair treatments (not conditioners) to restore, revive and rejuvenate your hair. Lipid Complex is a two part hair treatment some refer to as “liquid gold” it will leave your hair feeling buttery soft, looking healthier and will replenish the much needed fatty acids and amino acids your hair is missing.

Fix Bad Highlights:

Highlights are very trendy and look fabulous on almost all hair types but they must be done by a trained professional. Due to different hair structure, texture of natural tone, you might get bad results if you don’t go to a knowledgeable colorist. Long Island Hair Salon can fix your highlights  by giving just the perfect tone you were looking for.

Fix Bad HairCuts:

Once you get a bad and unexpected haircut you may not know what to do with yourself… other than a ponytail and some bobby pins.. There are several ways to help ease the pains of growing out a short haircut. Sometime you can fix the haircut with an expert hairstylist that knows how to blend your layers and frame your face.

Was your haircut too short… try using hair extensions while you hair grows out to a length you are happy with! (fair warning, hair extensions are addicting, you many never want to stop using them!!)

At Tomy B. Salon Long Island we specialize in fixing damaged or over-processed hair, color correction and hair extensions! Call 516-621-4100 to set up a complimentary hair consultation today!

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