Hair Trends in spring 2019

Your hairstyle plays a crucial role in highlighting your personality. You can easily look more attractive and desirable by adopting latest hairstyling trends. Here are some of the most popular hair trends for spring 2019. Long Island women know trends.. let Tomy B. Salon help you achieve the latest looks.

Blunt bobs

Short length hair cuts are expected to dominate the hair trend in spring 2019. Boyfriend bob was very popular last year. This year, it will see a shift towards shoulder length haircut with a sharp finish. This haircut is suited to all face types as slight adjustment in length can make it look perfect to every face shape. With side parting, blunt bob makes you cute and sporty.

Super straight

If one goes by what hairstylists in Long Island are saying, the poker straight hair is going to be very popular with spring and summer. If you are sporting waves or curls, it is time to take out your hair straighteners from the 90s and get the uber straight sleek hair style. Super straight hair, whether you sport a short, shoulder length, or long hair style, looks really beautiful and sexy.

Glossy hair

Celebrities have already started to sport smooth and glossy hair on Instagram and this trend will continue to catch on this spring and summer. This trend where hair is made to shine like glass, can be achieved by applying a little quantity of shine serum on your hair. Brush your hair to get rid of frizz and also to have an even smoothness all over your hair. You will have a clean and glossy finish to your hair to look modern and fashionable. Tomy B. Salon offers Hot Glaze hair treatments for extra shine and Lipid Complex Technology for healthier glossier hair.

High Shine Treatments

High shine is another hair trend that is becoming very popular among ladies in Long Island. Also referred to as glass hair, this look of Hailey Baldwin captured the imagination of the people when she appeared in iHeartRadio Music Awards in March this year.  You got to make your hair soft, smooth, and shiny just like glass to achieve this look.

Long straight hair extensions

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez have been flaunting extra long straight hair these days with the help of extensions. You can easily get the Rupunzel look with these extensions to allow your hair to graze not just your back but even the butts. Long straight hair extensions may not be everyone’s cup of tea but this hair trend will certainly dominate hair trends this spring.

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